Garage Door Spring Repair MD DC VA

All garage doors depend on a properly sized spring to effectively operate the door. When a spring breaks, the door becomes unbalanced and can be very difficult to open manually due to the weight. When this occurs, we strongly advise our customers to not use the door. Attempting to use your garage door opener with a broken spring can cause further damage to the opener and the entire garage door system. In order to prevent further damage or more importantly, an injury, we highly recommend giving us a call for your broken torsion spring or extension spring repairs.

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One item to keep in mind is that many garage doors are installed with two springs. If one of your garage door’s torsion springs breaks, it’s likely that the other is nearing the end of its lifespan too. After evaluating your garage door, if it is determined that a broken spring is the problem, our technicians will usually recommend replacing both springs. We always replace extension springs in pairs to assure a properly balanced door.

We STRONGLY advise our customers NOT to attempt replacing a broken garage door spring without the proper skills and tools. This is a very dangerous process and should be performed by a trained professional only. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury or even death.

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